We operate with the understanding that risk is inherent in rope, both physically and emotionally. We believe that there is really no such thing as a ‘safe space’ but that there can be valiant efforts at creating ‘safer spaces’, and that this will always be a work-in-progress, not a set-status. We observe that there are power dynamics at play in a studio environment between owner and attendees, in a classroom setting between teacher and students, and between the perceived social status of guest presenters/performers and the people who pay hard-earned money to learn from them and view their work. We understand that giving feedback or approaching a person in a perceived position of power with an issue concerning a class, a teacher, a performer, another studio attendee, the studio owner, or the studio itself, can be intimidating or feel unsafe, or like it won’t be helpful. We agree that the represented inclusivity and intersectionality of a space across racial, ethnic and gender identities and sexual orientations, or lack thereof, can greatly affect how safe any one person feels to step forward with their particular feedback, concern, questions, experience.

With all this in mind, VoxBody Studio believes itself to be a work-in-progress and wishes to do what it can to encourage feedback and discourse that will help us all grow as a community. Listed below are some of the ways we are attempting to do so:

Feedback Forms: there is a feedback form box on the kitchen island in the studio. These forms can be filled out including your name and contact info, or anonymously. If you have feedback (positive, negative, or constructive, concerns or questions) that you want to share, we want to hear it. It will only help us grow as a studio and as a community. You are invited to share information anonymously concerning an event, a presenter/performer or a studio attendee, without having that person(s) know the report was made, or you can request that a dialogue is initiated with the involved parties. Blue (studio owner) will most likely be the one to open and read these forms; please keep this in mind and how it affects your comfort level in sharing when filling these forms out.

Online Anonymous Feedback Forms: please feel free to do the same as stated above, at any time, via this link. This can be done completely anonymously, unless you want to share contact info and receive a response. These forms will also be read by Blue (studio owner); please keep this in mind and how it affects your comfort level in sharing when sending an email.

Accountability Circle: As of February 2019, VoxBody Studio is in the early stages of developing its accountability circle. This is inspired by the work being done in Seattle’s rope and kink community on consent and safety. An accountability circle is a way to share honest feedback about VoxBody Studio , to hold the studio accountable as a community space, and to be able to do so anonymously, or via avenues other than the studio owner herself. The accountability circle will be comprised of people (community members, allies, peers) who have agreed to be as unbiased as possible in receiving feedback on the studio, or events that happen therein. They have agreed to support those who come forward and work towards trying to provide a solution to behavior issues and concerns. People are able to report to the accountability circle anonymously, without having VoxBody Studio itself (Blue) know a report was made, or they can ask that a dialogue is initiated between themselves and the studio/owner/teacher/presenter/performer. The circle agrees to help the studio create a plan, including how to address and rectify any inappropriate or problematic behavior or issues. As of FEB 2019, the VoxBody accountability circle contacts are:

YumYumPanda email: yumyumpandarope@gmail.com // Instagram // Fetlife

Nil email: knottedbynil@gmail.com // Instagram // Fetlife

Contact us!  voxbody@gmail.com // Follow us on IG & Twitter