VoxBody Studio is committed to cultivating a safer space for community.

Please read carefully our code of conduct and photo policy before your first visit to the studio. Remain familiar with its tenets, both of which are listed below, and posted throughout the studio. By attending events at the studio, you are agreeing to get on board with these policies.

If you have any concerns or questions, talk to Blue or others who are running a particular event. VoxBody Studio is a work in progress and we expect to evolve over time. If you have questions or feedback, reach out to us! 

VoxBody Studio Code Of Conduct

Interpersonal safety

  • Ask first, engage consensually.

  • Practice intentional negotiation, take your time and be clear.

  • Speak your truth about boundaries- be fearless about expressing limits and possibilities.

  • Remember that rope bondage does come with risks, both physical and emotional. Be risk aware!

  • Honor the word “no”.

  • We encourage the ‘after-chat’ – check-in and learn from one another.

Physical safety

  • Points on the unistrut are to be dropped in the middle of the unistrut span. One point/person per unistrut span. DO NOT drop a point from the last 2' of any unistrut.

  • Riggers are responsible for the safety and condition of the ropes they use. Uplines should be suspension-worthy. Always make sure the shackles are securely closed/finger-tightened.

  • Dynamic suspensions and drop loads should be saved for the steel beam, and exercised with caution.

  • Wipe down mats after use. (cleaning supplies are located in the kitchen in a labelled cabinet)

  • First Aid supplies are located in the kitchen in a labelled cabinet.

Community Safety

  • House safeword is “SAFEWORD”.

  • Even when asked for assistance, always ask the rope bottom if it is okay to be touched or handled when teaching or helping.

     • Be aware of the energetics of the space. Consider what it is asking of you: silence, hushed conversations, revelry? Think about how your         input affects others' experience.

  • If alcohol is present, drink responsibly--or not at all--if you will be playing or tying.

  • Be aware of the photography policy of each event-it will be noted or stated. Some events will be strictly no photography. Some events will allow for Responsible Adult Photography Policy.

  • Please see Blue, the DM (when there is one) or a VoxBody rep with any concerns regarding safety.

  • Breaches to this code of conduct can result in being removed from an event, or banned from the studio.

Please do your best to keep yourself, others, and VoxBody Studio a safer space for our community.

Responsible Adult Photography Policy


  • Some events at VoxBody Studio will be cell phone free, some will allow for cell phone use. It will be stated clearly by the presenter or in the event listing. If you are not clear, ask first.

  • When cell phone use is allowed, we abide by the Responsible Adult Photography Policy.

  • Treat the use of photography like a kink activity. Active consent must be created between all participants (including those in the background) Decisions about ‘after-care’ should be negotiated beforehand (where will the photo end up?)

  • Please use common courtesy and leave any area where you might disrupt if you must take a phone call or text.

  • If you are taking a photo and people will be in-frame in the background, you must have their clear and full consent, or NOT take the photo at all.

  • Video and sound recordings are strictly prohibited as any attendees can be identified by voice and put at risk.

  • Attendees of a VoxBody Studio event or class are not permitted to take unsolicited photos. If a VoxBody rep is alerted to an attendee taking such photos, they may request that the attendee review their photo gallery with them; if any unsolicited photos of VoxBody Studio and its attendees are present, they will be required to delete them and be subject to guidelines listed in the Code of Conduct.

  • If group or class photos or ambiance images are to be taken by attendees, instructors, or VoxBody reps, all attendees will have the chance to opt-in or opt-out, and only those giving full and clear opt-in will be included in the photo.

  • In other words, be a responsible adult with your cell-phone/camera. Do not put any attendee’s right to privacy at risk, whether they are the subject of your photo or incidentally in the background.

  • This policy was adopted with permission from the organizers of RopeCraft.