Q: I registered for an event or class and can’t find the address. Where is VoxBody Studio located?

A: You will receive an email, directly from voxbody@gmail.com, with the address & details for your event sometime the week before the event (sometimes the day before). We promise. If you need to know the address earlier than that, please write to us and ask!

Q: Is the studio accessible?

A: Yes! There is a ramp at the building's front door, there is an elevator, and the doorways are to code. There are no other stairs to climb for access. There are a few very easy-to-move pieces of furniture in front of neighbor units on your way from elevator to studio door. If you email the studio ahead of time, we will happily take care of that beforehand. 

Q: Which class is right for me?

A: We currently have monthly classes or events at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as “all-levels” events.  Calendar listings and event descriptions will note the appropriate experience level for each class. If you are not clear where you fall in place, read through the class levels page. If you still aren’t sure, please write to us and we will try and point you in the right direction.

Q: What is a Rope Jam?

A: Rope Jams are an open practice time. There is no formal instruction; attendees come to do rope and socialize. There is music, tea and snacks. Some attendees come to 'lab' their ties and some come to have a slow and sensual scene with a partner. Some come to self-suspend or self-tie. It is a low cost, low pressure way to come check out the scene at the studio. It's totally okay to come on your own! People come solo and just enjoy sitting and drinking tea and watching, people come solo and meet a new person to tie with.  If you tie or not completely depends on who is there, who you meet, how you get along and what you both decide to do. No guarantees, but all in the range of possibilities! It's a comfortable environment. We ask everyone to adhere to our code of conduct and photography policy, and to practice common-sense communication: ask first, honor someone's "no", negotiate clearly, only clear and enthusiastic consent is consent. Never interrupt someone else's scene. Watching others is fine, but please respect their personal space and observe without perving. 

Q: What should I wear to class?

A: Dress comfortably, be yourself. Most rope classes have students seated on the floor; come dressed comfortably to do so. We don’t recommend jeans as they can be hard to move in and troublesome to tie over. Underwire bras are not recommended for tying over. Loose flowy clothes can be tricky to tie over, and create troublesome wrinkles under rope. Soft, comfortable, form fitting clothes seem to work best for rope classes, similar to an exercise class. This is a body positive studio and students are welcome to undress to their level of comfort (full nudity may be at the discretion of the teacher). VoxBody Studio is a shoe free zone.

Q: What supplies does the studio have for class?

A: We have loaner cotton rope for classes & jams. We have mats for sitting on the floor, and some cushions and poufs. We have a small number of chairs. (If you don’t see what you need to be comfortable, please ask, it may be tucked away!) We have filtered water on hand.  

Q: I want to come to a class or event, but have a need to keep my attendance private and am worried.

A: We will do all we can to support your need for privacy in class! Legal names are only used to sign the liability waiver. These names are not shared with other attendees. Please see our Responsible Adult Photography Policy under the Studio Policies tab.

Q: Is the studio for women only?

A: No! We do what we can to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere here at the studio to human beings of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We ask you to treat fellow attendees with respect. We are committed to cultivating safer space in the studio. We ask you to do your part. Sometimes, an event or class is created as a container for a specific pocket of humanity. The event description will clearly state this.

Q: I left my favorite (water bottle, sparkly crop, underwear) at the studio! Is it gone forever?

A:  Not necessarily. We do have a lost and found, and yes it does have underwear, sparkly crops, and plenty of water bottles in it. 

Q: What is your refund policy on class tickets?

A: We are not able to offer refunds within 7 days of a class. If you can find someone who would like to purchase your ticket from you, just notify us of the name transfer. The refund window for weekend intensives is two weeks.